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30th Anniversary in Italy | Book Design

A Photobook documenting a couples 30th Anniversary trip around Italy. Images were kept in date/location order. Supplementary information was added to images containing landmarks and famous works.

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Proposed corporate identity.

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Positive/Negative Magazine Vol. 5 | Digital Edition

The first digital companion to the print edition featuring interactive articles, additional photos, and behind the scenes footage. You can see an archived copy here.

With: Chris Baum, Jess Crawford, and Emily Okey.


Hire Me !

Hello there! I graduated from the School of Design at RIT in 2012. I have had the chance to work on some amazing projects and I hope you enjoy them. I am looking for a place that will cultivate my skills and help me grow.

I have experimented in different fields from my base of graphic design to illustration and photography. I have found that this has helped me understand others with different skill sets and approaches; enabling me to work with a wide array of people. Feel free to look at more projects found on Behance.